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Join us in our third year for another chilled out weekend celebrating Anime, Manga and Geek Culture at the Jury's Inn, Milton Keynes. With guest panelists, fan-run events, the masquerade, parties, screenings, and more we look forward to seeing you there.

????????BA - Hibanacon 2017

02/11/2017 by Joe

Welcome to a slightly different kind of article from us this week. We have some exciting news of a panel running at Hibanacon.

October Update - Hibanacon 2017

13/10/2017 by Mike

Hello once more to you the bright sparks of Hibanacon, and welcome to another monthly update. We’re in October now, less than a month away from Hibanacon itself, and we’re all at action stations here at Hibanacon HQ.

Freshly Brewed Tee - Hibanacon 2017

05/10/2017 by Mike

One of the comments we've received most often while on our tour of conventions has been about our T-shirts. They're rather nifty so we've come up with ones you can have yourself!

How Bazaar, How Bazaar - Hibanacon 2017

21/09/2017 by Mike

Hopefully the title will earworm some of our older attendees. Moving on swiftly, last week, in our September Update, we confirmed a whole slew of items. This week we're back, and elaborating on something. We told you we'd filled our dealers' room, and now we're going to tell you a little bit more.

September Update - Hibanacon 2017

14/09/2017 by Mike

Our travels to Tokonatsu and Kitacon done we’re now continuing our theme of showing off what we have in store for you at Hibanacon. This week we’re giving you the sizeable September Update.

Jollyboat - Hibanacon 2017

07/09/2017 by Joe

It's time to reveal a live act that will be appearing at Hibanacon this year: JollyBoat! These swarthy pirates hoisted the jolly roger, pulled alongside, and made clear their intentions to board us whatever we said. Since Jollyboat approached us and asked so nicely if we were interested we've taken the time to see these lads perform live and we loved their show, so let us tell you their tale!

On The Road Part 2 - Hibanacon 2017

01/09/2017 by Joe

More from our travels this week and, as the summer conventioning season is in full swing, this time we have some things to tell you from our trip to Kitacon!

On The Road - Hibanacon 2017

23/08/2017 by Mike

The Hibanacon committee has been working a lot behind the scenes recently. The schedule is being smashed to fit, the finances pored over, and panelists consulted. Aside from all this we've somehow found time to go on our travels. This week we're getting something on this from our Events Officer Joe, and President Chris. Take it away Joe and Chris!

Confessions of a Cosplay Amateur - Hibanacon 2017

29/07/2017 by Mike

This week we have a word from our Events Officer on one of his favourite things about conventions, creating and wearing Cosplay!


Cosplay is often considered to be an essential part of the anime convention experience. Whether you’re in costume, or just enjoying everyone else’s creations, they’re a fantastic and creative addition to any anime convention, and Hibanacon is no exception...

July Update - Hibanacon 2017

13/07/2017 by Mike

?Hello there bright sparks of Hibanacon and welcome to another monthly update from all of us here working on the convention.