⬆⬆⬇⬇⬅➡⬅➡BA - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Joe on 02/11/2017

Welcome to a slightly different kind of article from us this week. We have some exciting news of a panel running at Hibanacon.


What’s this all about then? Well we were approached by a very special museum who are not a million miles away from where Hibanacon is running. Can you guess what this could be? Well let me put you out of your misery:






Milton Keynes is the spiritual home of computing in the UK and many of the developments in games hardware, PCs and indeed the wider transition to an online and digital world inhabited by almost every industry can trace their roots to the machines NMOC have lovingly curated, restored and on have show in their museum.


A representative from the Museum got in touch with us and asked if they could come down and talk computer history with you, oh but not just talk, what about getting your hands on some classic computer equipment and having a play!


We were very kindly invited over to the museum for a whistle-stop tour of the facility and, being colossal geeks ourselves, we literally jumped at the chance:


Fancy a RAM upgrade? Go easy, this tower of beauty is a whole Kilobyte!




Perhaps a new Motherboard?




Or what about a new hard disk? We discovered that using this scale our president could hold 16MB of data, wow!




The museum is a fantastic place, a literal geek’s heaven, with a working colossus computer and so much more. Please show them some love and make a visit whenever you can!


A representative from the Museum will be bringing some of their wonderful computers to Hibanacon where you will have the opportunity to hear about the origins of the tech you use every day, your smartphone, your games consoles, your tablets, they all started here, and even better you can get to try out this old tech in some audience participation and high score challenges.