Boardgames at Hibanacon - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 01/02/2017

One thing that has been on the rise in the past several years is the amount of people at conventions clustered around tables until the small hours of the morning clutching cards, dice, or small plastic figures. Sometimes there’s victory, sometimes there’s defeat, sometimes there’s even some fun!


Yes, it’s boardgaming, something that’s seen the Traditional Games room at several conventions heaving under pressure, spilling out into the bar, and destroying all in its wake. Hibanacon is working on partnering with Portal Entertainment to bring along a board games library for you to try (along with more board and card games to buy in the dealer’s room), and we'll have a whole room for those of you who like nothing more than new game smell. Seriously, just crack the plastic and breathe it in. It’s probably bad for you, but then so many things are.


But wait, there’s more. Our vice-president will be holding a panel on the unusual suspects of board gaming. Things beyond the regular Catan, Dominion, and Carcassone area to give you something a little bit more interesting, and occasionally more anime themed.


In fact, if you want Anime themed we’ll have at least one copy of Channel A for you to try. A great party game where you not only have to make up the title of an anime from the cards in your hand, but you also have to pitch what that show is to a producer. Ever wanted to wonder what 4 people do when asked to create pitches for anime shows with the concepts of “Agriculture” and “Racing? Well wonder no more!


That’s just one of the games we’ll have for you to try throughout the convention, so if this sounds interesting then drop on in to the Traditional Games room, pick up a game with some friends or some randoms and get cracking. Or even better you can bring your own!


We on the committee have regularly held games of One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Codenames, Citadels, Love Letter, Star Realms, and many more at conventions. It’s a great way to cap off the day if you’re not into partying, or to spend half an hour with friends while you wait for a panel!