February Update - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 14/02/2017

Welcome once again, bright sparks, to another update on the progress Hibanacon has made this month.

Firstly we took some feedback from the community who wanted to know a little bit more about who we were and we’re in the process of writing some items for the blog that are a brief “about us”. The first of these will be up this month so you can take a look at who’s running Hibanacon and why!


As we get closer to the event we’re aiming to highlight some of the people who’ll be helping out at the convention such as our stage techs, some of the people presenting panels, and more. Look out for these later!


Next up we’re very close on our event and gopher signup pages, and we’re in final testing for the sale of tickets themselves because we want to make sure anyone who wants to attend has the easiest time possible in buying them. We’ll be sending announcements out by email, and over social media when we open up so look out for that coming soon!


Some of the people behind HibanaCon will be at MinamiCon this year, so if you fancy a chat do come up and talk to us, we don’t bite. Just look out for the badge names “The Chom”, "DragonBoy", or “Night Haunter” and we’ll try and answer any questions you have (provided we’re not in the middle of a panel!).


Our Artist Tammy Taylor has come back to us with some really stunning mascots for Hibanacon, while she puts the finishing touches to them we look forward to revealing them to you over the next few months. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the mascots from here on out as we add them to our website, and our promotional materials



Spaces in our Dealers room look to be filling up fast at this point so if you’re interested in getting a space then please get in contact with us here, because what would a convention be without a Dealers Room to go with it? Any vendors we confirm will be added to the What's On page as soon as we confirm them, so be on the look out for additions. The first confirmation we can give you is Portal Entertainment who will be stocking our traditional games room, bringing along board gaming and anime merchandise for you to buy, and what’s more is they’re supplying Pocky in the con bag for every attendee.


That should be about all for this update so now I’ll leave you with the plan for the next 3 articles:


Please remember to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or email if you have any questions, and if we get a particularly good question we may have to highlight it in our monthly update.