May Update - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 03/05/2017
Greetings once more, bright sparks of Hibanacon, for another of our monthly updates. The year really is flying by isn’t it?


First up this month we’re pleased to announce that we have an extra DJ to cover one of our parties, and it’s the inimitable DJ Snap. Now if you want someone to describe a musician then I am not the man to do it so I’ll use Snap’s own bio to describe him:


“Snap started in early 2009, and has played nearly every major anime convention since. As well as his love for all things geek, he is also a big fan of the hard dance scene, and enjoys mixing the latest hardstyle and hardcore. He is known for playing a blend of bouncy energetic hardcore, often sampling from old video games and anime, as well as a wide variety of brutal hardstyle beats.”


I have it on good authority from our president that Snap’s "a fantastic DJ and we're happy to have him on board". If you’re interested in learning a little more then Snap can be found on Facebook here.


Next up we’re getting through the confirmations from dealers at quite some rate! We’ll be covering both of these in more detail at a later date in our series of spotlight articles but for now we can tell you that we’ve confirmed both Miss Moonshine Makes and United Publications will be in attendance at Hibanacon! Yes, there’s yet more ways for you to dispose of all that cash you won’t be needing…


You can find out more about Miss Moonshine Makes on their Facebook page here and see the wide collection of jewellery they have for sale. On the other hand United Publications can be found here and they’ll be taking orders through their website that can be picked up at the convention as usual.  Remember that both these dealers are in addition to Portal Entertainment, Sweatdrop Studios, and our facepainter to give you a range of things to look at and we'll be looking to announce more in the future as we finalise further deals with vendors.


Plans for our Cosplay Ball are all coming together with our events team working on some interesting new decorations. We’ll have a bit more to say on the Cosplay Ball in the coming weeks so make sure to watch out for that.


Also as a popular request we’ve now added a ticket counter to the website. We’re pleased with how tickets are selling so far, and we can only thank all the people so far who’ve decided they want to come along to one of the UK’s newest anime conventions.


With that I think we’re about done for this month’s update, and now what’s left is just to give you a quick preview of the planned articles for this month:

  • Spotlight on Miss Moonshine Makes - we give you an insight into one of our most recently announced dealers.

  • Event Spotlight - Cosplay Ball - Get a better idea of what the coplay ball will be as we have a chat about it.

  • Marcus Talks Dance Lessons - Our resident dance teacher talks to us about the cosplay ball, why should get involved, and how!

  • Spotlight on All The Anime - We take a quick look at one of the companies behind the video programme we’ll be putting on for you over the weekend of Hibanacon.

Thanks once again for dropping by to keep up to date with Hibanacon. Make sure to follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook, and keep up to date with all the latest news here on the website.