Meet the Committee: The Communications Officer - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 12/04/2017
Another committee profile this week ,and this time it's the turn of our resident socialite, the Communications Officer.


Name: Rick Mountain

Badge Name: NightHaunter

Role: Communications Officer


How did you discover anime?


I was fortunate enough to catch ‘Castle in the Sky’ on UK TV when I was a kid, before I even knew what anime was. That film stuck with me ever since with incredible artwork and the story about a magical castle hidden away in the clouds and maintained by robots. The first time I actually watched a series and knew that it was anime, was the anime block on Cartoon Network. Tenchi Muyo, Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z they all bring back fond memories and influence what I watch today. Mech all the way though my wallet would be happier without the gunpla hobby.


Top 5 Influential anime?


What do you do for the convention?


I handle the more social aspects of Hibanacon, which involves running the Facebook and Twitter pages along with being first contact for people’s questions about the convention. Alongside this I come up with ideas for promoting Hibanacon and wow there's a lot to promote. As dealer liasion it's been an eye opener to pull together a dealer room worthy of Hibanacon.


Why did you volunteer?


My first anime convention was Ayacon 2003 and I’ve been going to events every year since. Over this time, I’ve been amazed by the monumental efforts of the people organising some of the most fun experiences I’ve had. So I wanted to give that back to fan community by helping create a new event where they can have a great time and I can work with my friends to bring it together. Also someone needed to nudge the fall I mean president in the right direction.


What do you bring to the convention?


From the community side of things I’ve been attending conventions since 2003 (Ayacon at a hotel in Northampton was my first), and I’ve been active in both the cosplay and convention party scenes ever since.



From the business side I’m a sales and marketing guy through and through (I am human too, I swear) so getting people together and working to spread the word about things is my way of using my powers for good. On top of this I’m supposedly the responsible type and you’re likely to find me in ops making sure your weekend goes as well as we can make it as well as manning our social media accounts all the way from now until the event itself.


Best convention experience?


My best convention experience hands down was Amecon 2004, Monica Rial was an amazing guest who really took part and got to know everyone she could. I still have my Zoro cosplay sash which she signed after joining a group of us sleeping outside in the sun.


Where can people talk to you?



Twitter: @Hibanacon or @RickMoun83

Facebook: Hibanacon or Rick Mountain


What do you hope for from Hibanacon?


Making Hibanacon a permanent fixture in the convention schedule would be the ultimate hope, something that people can really look forward to as they close out a year. It may be cold in November but all you need is a spark to start the party.