On The Road - Hibanacon 2017
Written by Mike on 23/08/2017
The Hibanacon committee has been working a lot behind the scenes recently. The schedule is being smashed to fit, the finances pored over, and panelists consulted. Aside from all this we've somehow found time to go on our travels. This week we're getting something on this from our Events Officer Joe, and President Chris. Take it away Joe and Chris!

First off we would like to extend thanks to the Tokonatsu committee. They hosted a fantastic weekend and were more than happy to let us talk Hibanacon to anyone around. Tokonatsu itself has been the UK's only anime camping festival for an impressive 14 years. You can go check out their website here, and their social media on Twitter or Facebook.


A field based venue presents some unique challenges. High winds called for rapid action on nailing tents back down. The odd torrential downpour had us scarpering for the tree-line. Our old friend the burning sky orb mocked our lack of sunscreen. All this and it was still only Saturday afternoon…


No matter what the weather was up to though there was always something going on and fun to be had.



Across the weekend were a host of events not seen at any other convention. We got involved in a game of archery tag, evading arrows as someone John Woo'd their way across a clearing. We also had the pleasure of throwing ourselves down a slip and slide on a greased up flamingo. (Vice President's Note: I'm going to let that "slide" by without comment)


How about those in need of a break from the action? Tokonatsu had them well covered with more lazy affairs. You could partake in the calm and civilised supping of tea in the maid café while watching a lip sync battle. Then at night a seat around a campfire, beverage in hand, exchanging stories under the stars.



All this and more in one place made Tokonatsu a unique experience and some of the most fun we’ve had.


We would also like to make a special mention to "Mr Burger Van Man". (Vice President's Note: His official title I presume). He kept us fed late into the night, and was a shining beacon first thing in the morning. Pure joy exists and it is in bacon buttie form.



Still wondering if a camping festival is for you? Then take it from people who aren't natural campers but loved Tokonatsu; go along! Toko was amazing and so much fun. We look forward to going again next year, these guys have made us love the camping experience.