Volunteer - Events
Written by NightHaunter on 27/02/2018

Want to see something at Hibanacon that isn't already on the schedule? Why not volunteer to run a panel, event, workshop, etc. and share your passion with fellow attendees!


To submit an event please fill in the form below and send it to

Please Note: You must hold a valid ticket to Hibanacon 2018 to be considered as an event volunteer.


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Event submissions form 2018 Event submission.docx 2018 Event submission.pdf


Alongside the parties, main events and guests, Hibanacon also has space and facilities for panels volunteered by attendees: Do you have a topic that is close to your heart that you want to talk about or a skill that you want to share with your fellow congoers? Is your passion kaiju movies and you want to present your take on an official time line encompassing them all (yes even Godzilla 1998) to an interested audience? Have you discovered the secret to getting cosplays finished ahead of a convention, so you have time to relax rather than carry a sewing machine on the train?

We can provide you a time slot, a room and presentation tech for most types of event. If your idea requires extra support please let us know. We consider all topics and encourage discussion, however if your submission is deliberately offensive or illegal then we will reject it.


If you're a professional service then please email: