Volunteer - Gopher

As a volunteer-run event Hibanacon relies on the generosity of its attendees to make it a success. There are only so many places the committee can be in at once, and from time to time we need a hand. If you can spare a couple of hours over the weekend to help Hibanacon it's very much appreciated.


What you might be helping with:


We'll provide briefings for each task and give you a gopher badge so you'll know what do, and look official doing it. Some drinks and snacks will be available in Ops for volunteers there will also be an end of event party on the Sunday evening.


If this sounds interesting then once you've bought a ticket to Hibanacon, and had a look at our Gopher code of conduct please email social@hibanacon.co.uk answering the below questions, or come along to ops at the event and ask about gophering.



Badge Name

Relevant experience: gophering, team leading, tech knowledge etc