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Written by Joe on 08/03/2018

Here's a flavour of what you can expect at Hibanacon 2018.

Cosplay Ball

A sparkling ball room, big dresses, smart suites, and the perfect time to try out your best ballroom dancing.


Closing Ceremony

The official end of Hibanacon where we get to say goodbye and thank you to everyone who made this convention possible. There may be some exciting announcements too, you never know!


Dance Lessons

This friendly, informal session is your chance to learn how to cut a rug on the dance floor during the Hibanacon Cosplay Ball, whether you're completely new to formal dances or looking to brush up before the big night, we've got you covered.


Hibanacon Feedback

This is your chance to tell us what you thought of the convention. We'd love to hear your good experience and bits you loved, but we also want to learn from what we could do better, so come along, meet the team in a



Lights, Cameras, Action! Our stage is your stage - whether you want to show off your best cosplay, perform a skit, sing, or dance, our for-fun masquerade is your time to shine!



Host: Paul Flannery

A crowd gathers, no doubt they've heard I seek a champion...

The MMORPG show combines improvised comedy with table top gaming in an epic, sprawling, open world, entirely made up fantasy quest of the audiences own devising. Every show is different. Every choice has a consequence, every success decided by a roll of a large D20... (20 sided die)

Will you be victorious? will you bring harmony to the kingdom Or will you betray Your new friends for personal glory?


Opening Ceremony

You've been to a few events and caught up with friends, now its time to meet the team who've put Hibanacon together, hear some important information, and most of all kick the convention into high gear!


Party: Friday

Its Friday, the convention is in full swing, the bar is open, and the music is loud. What are you waiting for, get on the dance floor and show us your moves!


Party: Saturday

Join our DJs as they raise the roof with a hi-energy set to keep you partying through the night.


Party: Sunday

The convention is nearly over, but there's still one more party before we all go home, join our resident DJ Lumine for a cheese set to finish the weekend and keep you walking on sunshine!